Jeff Nelder


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Name: Jeff Nelder
Organization: Brand New Purpose
Title: Co-Founder, Partner
I began my pro-social work as Deputy Executive Director of San Francisco's Charity Cultural Services Center, helping culturally and linguistically isolated 1G San Franciscans and later co-founded SF Neighborhood Centers Together, to lower barriers between diverse SF communities. As VP, Media and Communications at Apollo Education Group/University of Phoenix, I led the brand campaign team to develop and launch UoPX' first integrated brand campaign, 'I am a Phoenix', using brand purpose, promise, authentic voice and transparency to create value across all stakeholder communities, generating shared pride for students, teachers and colleagues. As first CMO at Good Worldwide, I launched the GOOD social network,, a global community of pragmatic idealists. I now practice purpose based strategy at Brand New Purpose, where we help brands to activate their core purpose and create value across all stakeholder communities so that brands and their communities can become better together. I live in the small town of Fairfax in Marin County and love the welcoming inclusiveness and sharing of my community, particularly around the Fairfax Festival and Town Picnic where I see a majority of townsfolk in one go.