Jeremy Gordon


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Name: Jeremy Gordon
Organization: Echo Mobile
Title: Founder & CTO
Interests: Ambient information, location, decisions. I believe the right piece of information at the right time can change a life, lives, the world. Blurb: Jeremy Gordon is a graduate of Stanford University with degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Political Science. Jeremy is founder of, a web platform allowing organizations in Kenya to conduct SMS-based research with customers in rural areas. Jeremy is an experienced product designer and entrepreneur with a background in quantitative market research and statistical analysis.

Challenge Entries

Echo's mission is to strengthen the connection between organizations and the people they work with, no matter where they are. We leverage mobile technology to bring the field to the head office, where our users engage, learn from, and inform their markets in real-time.

FlashCast operates a network of location-aware, dynamically refreshing text displays installed in public transit vehicles. We leverage this novel technology to offer micro to small-sized enterprises an affordable, geotargeted channel to capture new business. We enable NGOs, government agencies, and social enterprises to broadcast vital information to a notoriously difficult to reach demographic.