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Name: Jessica Ladd
Organization: Sexual Health Innovations
Title: Founder/Executive Director
Ms. Ladd started her career in sexual health at age 17, and has been active in the field ever since. She has taught health education to middle schoolers, women recovering from drug addiction, and college undergraduates. She created her own major at Pomona College in Human Sexuality & Public Policy, and initiated research projects there into the implementation of anti-prostitution law in the Los Angeles area and the history of condom distribution policies in the California prisons and jails. Ms. Ladd then moved to Washington DC to advocate for evidence-based HIV policy with The AIDS Institute, and then worked on HIV policy and preventing unintended pregnancy with the White House Domestic Policy Council. She received her Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins, where she founded The Social Innovation Lab. Ms. Ladd founded Sexual Health Innovations - a non-profit dedicated to using technology to improve sexual health and wellbeing - in 2011, which launched the So They Can Know STD partner notification website in 2012. This website is now being promoted in over 800 health centers in the United States. Sexual Health Innovations' next projects include: (1) facilitating the sharing and open-sourcing of sexual health-related code and campaigns among governments and non-profits through and, (2) creating STD test result delivery systems, STD testing reminder systems, and health department partner notification systems, and (3) a website to provide support and a voice for people who have experience unwanted sex, sexual assault, rape, or child sexual abuse.

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While partner notification is the most effective way to stop the spread of STDs, only 23% of partners are notified following a STD diagnosis. So They Can Know is a website to help people to notify their partners that they need to get tested, either in person or through informative anonymous emails. Sexual Health Innovations creates this and other web- and text-based technologies to improve sexual health and wellbeing.