Jessica Younker


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Name: Jessica Younker
Organization: Awamaki
Title: Weaving Project Coordinator

Challenge Entries

With limited access to markets and unable to speak Spanish, Quechua communities in the highlands of Peru are hindered from generating a reliable income and pulling themselves out of poverty. Awamaki promotes sustainable community development by creating economic opportunities for Quechua women in the Patacancha Valley. We run health and education programs that complement our job creation, and preserve and foster Quechua culture in our work.
We currently work in the highland communities of Patacancha and Kelkanka as well as in Ollantaytambo on the valley floor.

Awamaki creates economic sustainability for impoverished, indigenous Quechua women in rural Peru. Our fair trade weaving initiative and sustainable tourism program harness the international marketability of their traditional, hand-made textiles, granting them a reliable income while enabling their once endangered weaving tradition to remain a part of their lives.

Awamaki is ready to expand its fair trade initiative and model of economic sustainability to work with more impoverished, indigenous communities of rural Peru. We need to raise funds to purchase a 4x4 truck that will enable us to reach remote and isolated communities of Quechua weavers that are not served by public transport.