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Name: Jindra Cekan
Title: PhD and President of Valuing Voices at Cekan Consulting LLC
Jindra Cekan, PhD has used participatory methods for 25 years to connect with participants, ranging from villagers in Africa, Central/ Latin America and the Balkans to policy makers and Ministers around the world for her international clients. Their knowledge has informed strategic planning content, project assessments, baselines, midterms and final evaluations as well as best practices findings and organizational learning. She has combined qualitative Rapid Rural Appraisal methods with Appreciative Inquiry during the last 10 years for clients such as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, USAID, Intermedia, Johns Hopkins University, the Partnership to Cut Hunger and Poverty in Africa, Women Thrive Worldwide and Save the Children. Having worked in 25 countries on three continents on food security/ livelihoods, learning, gendered programming, facilitation and training with international NGOs, she focused on M&E, KM, planning, learning and programming since 2005. She has consulted to Lutheran World Relief, Mercy Corps, Catholic Relief Services and the American Red Cross as well as at World Vision, Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation, USAID, and sits on two African Boards. She received a Ph.D. and M.A.L.D. from the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (in cooperation with Harvard University) in 1994 and 1990, respectively. She was based at the University of Cambridge, Research Associate (UK), was a Pew Charitable Trust Fellow and a Teaching Fellow at Harvard and at Tufts University between 1990-95. This year she has focused on international projects’ sustainability, founding Valuing Voices: Sustainable Solutions for Excellent Impact. Dr. Cekan has presented at conferences including Appreciative Inquiry DC (2013), Cornell University, Institute for African Development Seminar Series (2013), Society for International Development (2009). See ValuingVoices.com, for blogs on evaluation and sustainability, @WhatWeValue Twitter

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Yearly Billions of dollars are spent on foreign aid development projects. Donors and nonprofits design these projects and evaluate them for 2-5 years, then ‘close the project'. What happens then? The voices of communities must teach us what's sustainable or not, drive development planning/ learning.