Jonas Borchgrevink


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Name: Jonas Borchgrevink
Organization: MyGoodAct
Title: Founder
You can call me an entrepreneur with a focus on social innovation and web services. I grew up during the internet revolution. At an age of 13 I already had my own website. A lot has happened during my youth but a lot more is happening now. While studying for a bachelor in Entrepreneurship and Business I founded – a social network for people who care. It has received a lot of attention in Norway as well as abroad. And is said to be one of the world's first crowdfunding platforms for social projects.

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Youth today needs more information than ever to stay interested and engaged. MyGoodAct was initiated because I wanted to know what happened with the money I donated to Save the Children as young. MyGoodAct has become a tool for NGOs and project managers to both raise funds and show what's happening with their projects. This helps youth, and others, to get the information they need to continue the support.