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Name: Juan Diego Calisto
Organization: Ruwasunchis
Title: Presidente
Born and raised in Lima. I studied Economics in the UNALM in Lima, and after that lived in other regions of Peru: Ancash, Apurimac and Cusco. There I worked in rural development projects with rural communities. Eight years ago I founded the NGO Ruwasunchis, that focuses in improving the quelity of life and more opportunities in vulnerable communities. I am the actual president of the organization. We develop social projects in Manchay: with kids we work early stimulation, creativity arts, and culture with youth we give them a platform of opportunities for personal and professional development, with the mothers (mostly affected by political violence) we work inclusive business, and we give psychological counseling and promote the integral development of all the community that we work with. I have also founded Ayllu, a social enterprise where I am the CEO, that gives market to weavers all around Peru, and improve their quality of life, with an integral approach. I wrote a book about a part of my history that mixes dreams, hope, and reality, and happens in Cusco, called La Busqueda de Juno. I am also Ashoka Fellow, and teacher of creativity in the UPC University.

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May 16, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Employment, Community development, Human Rights, Arts & culture

Trabajamos con niños, jóvenes, mujeres. Con niños implementamos una propuesta educativa que promueve su autonomía y creatividad. Con jóvenes les damos oportunidades de crecimiento personal, académico y laboral. Con mujeres un espacio que promueve su bienestar personal y económico. Con 50 voluntarios

Mar 09, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Education

Juan Diego Calisto and his organization Ruwasunchis, meaning “Let’s Do It Together” in the Quechua language, are breaking the pattern of despair and subsistence living in marginalized communities in Peru. By training community change leaders by feeding them into age-appropriate learning activities from birth to adulthood, Juan creates multipliers of positive values and entrepreneurial skills. In this way, Juan Diego prepares the ground for other allies to enter and for development to take off.

We work with women, weavers of vulnerable communities, giving them income for the sale of quality products, so they can be entrepreneurs with the income generated; and develop life skills and have more well-being.

Trabajamos con tejedoras de comunidades vulnerables para que generen un ingreso por la venta de productos de calidad, para que emprendan con los ingresos que se generan por la venta de sus productos; y desarrollen habilidades para la vida, y tengan mayor bienestar.

Asociación sin fines de lucro, conformada por un equipo de jóvenes. Aplicamos modelos de desarrollo sostenible para facilitar las capacidades de la población.