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Name: Julian Fang
Organization: La Jaca
Title: We all enjoy good food, why do we waste up to 70% of all jackfruit produced in India?
Our origins began in November 2012, where Julian was a member of a Griffith Honours College group that travelled to Cambodia for a volunteer project. Every morning our group worked on building a house for a widower of many children, work would stop in time for lunch as we succumbed to the warmth of Siem Reap. It is in Julian's nature to explore and seek out new culinary adventures, the presence of bright yellow bulbs at a fruit stand sufficiently perked his interest enough to try jackfruit for the first time. Jackfruit was a total taste sensation, and to this date is his favourite fruit, even introducing it to many of his Australian mates. Upon realising that jackfruit was under-appreciated in Australia, as well as India, where up to 70% of all fruit goes to waste, La Jaca, 'Project jackfruit' was launched. We envisage to be an international social enterprise franchise which increases awareness and use of jackfruit. In testing our product to the Australian public at local markets over a one month period, over 95% of the public endorsed the fruit for its taste! For the next stage of the project, La Jaca will travel to India in September 2014 with an aim to establish working partnerships with local farmers as well as a social enterprise cafe in tourist regions such as Goa, where the interior decor and menu will be jackfruit themed.

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Jul 02, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Food security, Hunger, Social enterprise, Waste

70% of all jackfruit is wasted in India, yet according to the World Food Programme – India’s home to 25% of all undernourished people in the world. La Jaca aims to elevate jackfruit and show how versatile and delicious jackfruit can be, via its jackfruit themed chain of social enterprise cafes.