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Name: juliehitchcock hitchcock
Organization: Santa Cruz Animal Shelter
Title: volunteer
I have been a bilingual educator in California for 17 years. Four years ago I began volunteering at the Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter. Seeing the number of abandoned, stray and neglected animals in our county made me want to change things for the better. I have been involved in public outreach, educational programs and fundraising for the shelter. I also help take care of the dogs, train new volunteers and help with the new Watsonville spay/neuter clinic. I want to combine my passion for animals with my experience in education to create a humane education program for the children of Santa Cruz County!

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Jun 23, 2014 / 3 Comments / in Animal rights, Education, Youth leadership, Volunteerism

Our project will provide humane education to K-12 students in Santa Cruz County. We will promote empathy towards all animals and provide service learning opportunities. Teaching children to be kind to animals will improve the treatment of animals and decrease the number of neglected animals.