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Name: Kekeli Buckner
Organization: KKYB Productions
Title: CEO
A young entrepreneur doing his best along side his God given talent to solve problems and create opportunities for thousands around the world. I run a company called KKYB Productions. We offer Graphic design, advertising, marketing and website development services clients. We also offer online design and writing services click here to find out more about that. I believe that to do effective business we have to come together and form strong partnerships united with one common goal. Hope to do business with you

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Jojoh seeks to help impoverished families especially women and children to earn a sustainable source of income and to provide children with quality and effective education. We employ and train people in our enterprise to make a living and a part of our profits is used to educate children.

Oct 13, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Design, Employment, Technology, Sustainability

Yeboao provides graphic design services through online crowd sourcing. Providing clients with speed, variety, creativity, control, efficiency, quality, real-time update and flexible payment options from anywhere in the world. Hence creating jobs and improving the skill of local designers.

Oct 31, 2013 / 0 Comments / in Consumer protection, Food, Health education, Income generation

If you have ever been to Ghana you would have heard of shito. A popular dark spicy souce eaten together with foods. We have remade this shito with a unique formular and added chunks of diced beef to allow consumers to eat our shito and have a good and healthy nutritional addition to their lives.