Khalida Brohi

Khalida Brohi

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Name: Khalida Brohi
Organization: Youth and Gender Development Program
Title: Youth Activist

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Sughar aims to end the wrong side of tribal traditions in Pakistan like “Honor” Killing, Exchange Marriages and Child Marriages by providing women in tribal areas socio-economic empowerment to use the beautiful side of traditions such as embroidery as means of business and to defend themselves against customary violence. We do this by establishing Sughar Centers in each village which would provide women with a 6 month course on value adding the traditional embroidery, Provide Education Skills and Awareness about their rights & equal status in Islam.

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Through series of cricket tournaments in conservative tribal communities in interior Balochistan, we’re mobilizing men to make a difference for women.

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Youth and Gender Development Program (YGDP) is a step towards mobilizing young people both men and women, to empower them towards making positive change in the community and to put an end to the act of Honor Killing.