Khandakar Mohammad Shamsul Momen


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Name: Khandakar Mohammad Shamsul Momen
Organization: Foundation of GreenBangla Coalition (GBC Foundation) & BLAC Justice Trust
Title: CEO & Chairman
Working for the global environment and climate change with many fronts. His own created and initiated activities like the Million Children Forest Campaign (M-CFC) is now transformed into the Billion Children Forest Campaign (B-CFC). Climate Refugees Adaptation Camp set up in the southern most sea coast of Bangladesh to train people on adaptation and generating scopes for education of these deprived children. He operates all his works by three (3) organizations. GBC Club Ltd. is the mother organization that is still non-registered ass it is still in formation stage. GBC Foundation is working with the agenda those are in condition to be materialized regularly and generating new projects. Bangladesh Lawyers & Activists for Climate Justice BLAC Justice Trust) is to help these two organizations including the sister concerns like Transparency International Bangladesh and many more. Thus he is trying to coalesce all-out efforts for the climate change mitigation globally.

Challenge Entries

The Billion Children Forest Campaign was started with a vision to create environmental leadership to the global grassroots people so that a newer generation grow up with long term climate vision. It was in a very embryonic stage with a name the Million Children Forest Campaign from the UN, NYC.