Kyle Schmierer


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Name: Kyle Schmierer
Organization: Amadin
Title: writer-producer-director
My life long love and my target is environmental protection, sustainability and social justice, which are inextricably connected. My bliss and choice is to use the powerful medium of film/TV to positively change the world. I believe that movies can have meaning, bring awareness, raise consciousness, create change, and earn profits. Watch a movie trailer for my global blockbuster motion picture project that is about a real scientific investigation into the afterlife: I am focused now on securing financing for my feature films. I have an innovative business model that puts the investor first and utilizes more "green" methods to make movies. Human civilization is under threat from itself and its mindless destruction of the very foundations of life. There is no economy or civilization without nature. Humans are animals. No amount of fashionable clothes, make up or products can change that fact. We are a part of nature. We must fundamentally and radically restructure the global economy and every business so it must consider the costs and consequences on the environment at every step of every product or service. Every business in the world must be legally obligated under the same environmental laws so the playing field of the global market is even and fair. Best of luck to all us all and our only home - planet Earth. Kyle Schmierer, writer-producer-director I have a deep connection to wilderness - to unspoiled areas around the world in the land seas and air. Global environmental damage must be stopped and reversed immediately if human civilization is to survive. Kyle Schmierer is an exceptionally talented, award winning filmmaker/storyteller. He is adept in different genres and styles: including music videos, commercials, TV shows, documentaries, feature films, corporate videos, and Internet promotion pieces. See more at: He brings to Amadin the finest credentials as a Producer-Writer- Director-Cinematographer, and AVID Editor. He has well over a decade of Film/TV industry experience. Kyle went to New York University to study filmmaking, has worked several years in Hollywood and around the world, and was a Film & HD instructor at post secondary proprietary arts Colleges in Arizona & North Carolina. Some credits include two special documentary format programs on the Philippines, which he directed, shot and edited for an internationally broadcast television show, "Word in the World." Kyle also directed, shot, and redesigned this series, as well as creating a new show opening. This TV program had more than 4 million estimated viewers in the United States alone. He has also made two Independent feature films in addition to many other projects. This is just a partial listing of Kyle's incredible talent. To view his reel, resume, reference letters and more go to: