laurie matthew


Name: laurie matthew
Organization: Eighteen And Under
Title: co-ordinator

Challenge Entries

develop evidence-based prevention programmes for all children to provide them with skills and knowledge to stay safe, change attitudes that lead to violence, empower survivors to break silence and get intervention and tackle inequalities. get prevention into all schools. For those who disclose abuse support and help is provided.

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Violence Is Preventable programmes teach youth of all ages non violent solutions to problems, tackles inequality, gender issues, racism, and explores the roots of violence.

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We have developed and evaluated a range of resources for use with children aged 3 to 18 plus vulnerable adults. The message that violence is preventable runs throughout the programmes. The programmes help young people, children and adults explore, in a fun and age appropriate manner, violence in all its forms including bullying, domestic abuse, sexual abuse, physical abuse and include work on gender issues, racism, sexism, sectarianism, homophobia, and other issues that might lead to violence in society.