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Name: Lily Kudzro
Organization: Devio Arts Centre
Title: Constructive Learning through Play.
After high school, Lily enrolled at Central University College in Ghana, West Africa. Lacking support, she dropped out of University in 2009, and spent the next thirty-six months working in various fields. Even though she had no university certificate, she landed in meaningful and highly paid jobs. She even served as the Program Director for Mentoring Women Ghana, a program partner of the Vital Voices and Global Sachs Initiative which inspired Lily to study Women and Human Rights Law at Ark Foundation in 2013 to pursue her passion for global issues affecting women and children. Lily later discovered how her passion in poetry had changed her life which led her to found a Non-profit enterprise called Devio Arts Centre, the first children’s art centre in Ghana. Lily said “after reading an article in 2012 in the China Africa Report, a quote stood out to me: “The clash between modernization and tradition has affected the creative thinking of African children.” I with a personal passion for creative arts, recognized the sincere gap in our educational system in Africa for young children to explore and realize their artistic potentials. I recognized that there were no creative and learning focused play centres and effective play curricular for children to revive their creativity so that they could move along with the rest of the world, considering the advancements in technology. I knew I had to do something to fill this gap. That is when Devio Arts Centre was born. She is also a Team member and partner with the DIY Planet walk initiative created by four Ashoka/LEGO Foundation’s Re-imagine Learning Challenge pacesetters from different countries in the world. She is very passionate about arts education in the 21st century, and about bringing arts opportunities, and skills that will develop a life-long experience for children while exploring their imagination and nature for their greater freedom and creative possibilities. Lily’s Project has received several awards like the Tigo Reach for Change Leaders Awards 2013 and the Pacesetter Award, by the Lego Foundation in Partnership with Ashoker in 2014.She was also selected to take part in the Google for entrepreneur’s global celebration in 2013, as one of the young women entrepreneur’s in Ghana. Lily says “I envision a world where all Children and young people can tap into their creative minds, reach their full potential and become empowered to use their voice to effect change in their communities”. Our Vision is to touch the lives of 1million Children by the year 2020. Our goal is to make sure that our after-school program is fun, but at the same time enriching, so children grow and learn every day to achieve their full potential. The Outcome of our work is 1.For Children to become highly creative,acquire art skills, and enjoy their rights of play as Children as stated in the United Nations Charter. 2. For Children to use their skills in recycling art to enhance their communities. 3. For Children to develop Problem Solving Skills, Analytical Thinking and Imaginative Skills. 4.For children to transfer their creative skills, imaginative skills and develop their cognitive abilities to increase their performance in school. 5. For Children to become empowered and become outspoken with issues that affect them.

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Businesses need creative people to drive innovation and productivity yet a 2011 research study found the rate of jobless grads was 44.8%.

Devio Arts Centre is a non-profit children’s art centre based in Ghana. The Centre uses an afterschool Arts and learning through play experience for children to practice skills, develop their minds and critical talents crucial for Child development.