Linda Robinson


Name: Linda Robinson
Organization: Sunchild E-Learning Community
Title: E-Learning
I work in the area of Aboriginal Education and making a difference through the use of on-line technology in the Aboriginal Community I love working on reserve and with Aboriginal students. The quiet of the outdoors, the connection to the spiritual and the colorful personalities of the people make it refreshing and exciting. I would like to see all Aboriginal students in Canada, in remote communities or living on reserve, have access to a quality education that will advance their inclusion into Canadian society. Worked with Sunchild E-Learning for over 5 years, Red Deer College for 5 years and have worked both on and off reserve in my career as an educator.

Challenge Entries

Sunchild E-Learning Community has been advancing the inclusion of Aboriginal people into the workforce since 1998. This organization has been a non-profit organization providing quality educational delivery to reserves in Alberta and NWT through the use of on-line technology. It has provided the opportunity for Aboriginal students to complete their high school diplomas without leaving their home communities, keeping the skill where it can advance the community as a whole, raising the quality of life and standard of living on reserve.