Lisa R Tucci

Lisa Tucci

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Name: Lisa R Tucci
Organization: Art&Media Communications
Title: Chief Creative Officer
I have been working w/Italy since the onset of my career, living there for nearly 25 years. A pioneer across many industries, I introduced Italy to audioguides back in 1997, working with museums/cities/churches/archeological sites and implementing learning thru digital technology. For the last few years, I have been working at bringing exciting, interactive science-related exhibitions to Italy and was the brainchild of the opening of the Science Center in Genova. I would like to bring more science-learning to kids & adults throughout Italy, where they are by setting up a franchise of Lego Learning centers, like one in my home town in Michigan. Create robots, learn computers, participate in competitions, engage adults in Team Building. Italy, like the USA is underperforming in STEM teaching subjects. I firmly believe that by making learning fun, we can stem the tide away from Math & Science and continue to produce the great minds that Italy has been known for for generations.