Livia Salazar


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Name: Livia Salazar
Organization: Asociacion de Artesanas TEXSAL
Title: Manage
I am an entrepreneur because I've been working for over 30 years to help indigenous women and rural women in Salinas Ecuador, teaching weaving alpaca wool crafts. We also organize a community bank to provide micro credits to women who are members of our organization I have great affection when I'm in our crafts workshop because it is a place where women artisans we share our problems and joys, is the place where we can learn to knit, learn to cooperate, but we can learn and information technologies communication. And we are surrounded by love and understanding I like two things. The government relied more on rural women and implement programs to train them, and have money to micro credits, and also to create places for children to study while their mothers are working. And I would like women to be more caring and more loving with our work, to produce a quality product that the customer likes. I work for many years making crafts, then I was a mother, but I had no higher education. Then I made a loan to study in college and two months ago I got my college degree. Organization doing work in accounting and also teaches weaving to women who have no experience.

Challenge Entries

Queremos mejorar la calidad de vida de las socias artesanas de Salinas, un pequeño pueblo de agricultores en el Ecuador, a través del incremento de producción y venta de artesanías, la capacitación, la tecnificación de los talleres y el fomento del ahorro y micro credito. Y que las mujeres de la localidad tenga un trabajo digno para poder aportar a su hogar, desde luego comprendiendo las necesidades actuales de la sociedad y el medio ambiente.