Mélykuti Ilona


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Name: Mélykuti Ilona
journalist, communication expert (60 years) 2011. founder and editor in chief of radioshow and internet portal for the 50+ generation, Great Generation (www.nagygeneracio.hu), president of the association Great Generation (radioshow on Klubradio, second most listened talk-radio in Hungary, around 100 000 listeners of the program) 2007-2011 editor and anchorwoman of the morning political and cultural show on Klubradio 2003-2004 Editor in chief of a cultural weekly in Hungarian National Television 2002-2012. Founder of Alicemarketing – group of communication experts. 1992-2003. editor and anchorwoman of the morning political TV show „Napkelte” on Hungarian National Television 1977-1999 Journalist-editor, senior editor of Hungarian National Radio

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