Maggie De Pree


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Name: Maggie De Pree
Organization: Imaginals
Title: Director
Maggie De Pree (née Brenneke) is an innovation strategist who has spent over 12 years working with companies – big and small – to create new markets to tackle sustainability challenges such as climate change, energy security and health care. As a Director of Imaginals, she collaborates with leading companies to develop, test and implement sustainable innovation strategies. Her work focuses on helping intrapreneurial teams of corporate change-makers to get internal ‘lift’ for their new ideas. Prior to founding Imaginals, Maggie was Head of Innovation and Entrepreneurship at SustainAbility where she helped companies to develop innovative approaches to solving global environmental and social challenges. Maggie co-authored two reports with John Elkington on the role for entrepreneurship in addressing sustainability: The Social Intrapreneur: A Field Guide for Corporate Changemakers and Growing Opportunity: Entrepreneurial Solutions to Insoluble Problems. Maggie has a Bachelors of Economics (honors) from Scripps College in California and an MBA from The Anderson School at UCLA.