Mhammed Abbad Andaloussi


Name: Mhammed Abbad Andaloussi
Organization: INJAZ Al-Maghrib
Title: Chairman & CEO
Concerned by the development of his country, Mr Mhammed Abbad Andaloussi, a former banker, works to create a responsible citizen sector, by mobilizing the collaboration between the business sector, the community, and the government in improving the educational system in Morocco. Mr. Andaloussi has succeeded in involving the business sector’s representatives through their financial and technical contribution to upgrade the quality of education. The aim is to use the expertise and the tools of the business sector to improve the educational system ensuring the “global” quality of the school graduate to make them able to compete in global and modernized markets. He does not only lead businessmen to give money to schools, which can be done by anybody. Indeed, he convinces businessmen to be more interested in schools management and in stimulating the entrepreneurial spirit of youth. He launched for this purpose several NGOs among them Al Jisr and Injaz Al-Maghrib Al Jisr (The Bridge) works with all sectors of the Moroccan society that have a vested interest in improving educational outcomes, and has succeeded in fostering true public-private partnerships in the education sector. He invited Moroccan companies to “adopt-a-school” programme. Company executives also have the opportunity to join forces with parents, students and teachers on a management support council to conduct a rigorous diagnosis of a school’s weaknesses, develop a three-year action plan to improve the performance, and monitor progress towards objective criteria. Each company provides an annual budget to carry through the activities prioritized by the support council, which is matched by the Moroccan Ministry of Education. Both the government and companies provide in-kind support and, perhaps most importantly, management expertise to dramatically improve school performance. Al Jisr provides diagnostic materials, guides, and shares best practices among committees to improve processes and outcomes. In 2010 Al Jisr launched Project Green Chip to train secondary-school dropouts to refurbish 200,000 donated computers by 2013, for use in classrooms and for recycling. Al Jisr also launched projects to support potential drop outs and to create in primary schools classes for kids. Al Jisr’s efforts have made a positive impact on the quality of education and school facilities for 150,000 students in 300 schools. The organization aims to increase that number to 500 schools across Morocco by 2015. In addition to founding Al Jisr, Andaloussi founded Injaz Al-Maghrib, which helps prepare young people for work in Morocco. Injaz mobilzes businesses to provide financial contributions and volunteers to train students in entrepreneurship, financial literacy and success skills by delivering Junior Achievement programs, translated and adapted to the Moroccan environment. In 2013 the number of students benefited from these trainings reached 30,000; by 2016 Injaz aims to train 100, 000 students Through this experience, students acquire the necessary skills, such as communication skills, teamwork, problem-solving, initiative, and are encouraged to use their imagination, creativity and adventurous spirit, to enter and succeed in the business world. International studies show that, on average, 30% of the students who attended Company Program, INJAZ’s core program, chose at the age of 25 to create their own business. In addition to the implementation in Morocco of Junior Achievement, he created 2 new programs, Stock in action and Start up. He succeeded to get involved in this project 75 of Business Leaders, providing membership fees and Volunteers to deliver Junior Achievement programs. Among them : Microsoft, P&G, Unilever, Nestle, Mastercard, Alcatel-Lucent, Boston Consulting Group, Vivo Energy, Citi Foundation, Western Union Foundation, Drosos Foundation and many large National Corporations, Moroccan Cenral Bank, Casablanca Stock Exchange and the Moroccan association of Employers. The number of Executives involved in his project as Volunteers delivering Junior Achievement programs reaches 1250. On September 30th, 2013, he created the collective of Associations for Education and Entrepreneurship a space for information, sharing of experiences and best practices, consultation and advocacy.

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Created in 2007, INJAZ Al-Maghrib has been working to deliver a broad base of entrepreneurship training opportunities to Moroccan youth through the school & university system. By working with local volunteers from the business community who deliver Junior Achievement programs adapted to Morocco.