Julia Zavadovska


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Name: Julia Zavadovska
Organization: Sustainable Development Support Association
Title: co-founder
I grew up in a small village in central Ukraine. My parents were teachers then, with constant shortage of money. As a child I was asking myself a question – why can’t my parents make use of greenhouse technology to grow vegetables and fruits for sale while living in the village? Then I realized why - a man who works as a clerk or civil servant in a small village often does not have the time and opportunity for the introduction of high farming technologies to reduce the time, increase the amount and quality of growing vegetables and selling this produce. Later, while working as an expert for a migrant re-socialization program and having visited many rural settlements in Ukraine, I saw that if you give a motivated person the advanced tools and technology, you make the person happy, - as you create an opportunity for such people to live with dignity on their own land. In Ukraine, the male/female ratio in productive age is close to 1/4 in rural areas, and thus mostly women are the ones who get the civil servants’, teachers’ and doctors’ jobs in the villages, mostly providing for their families and caring for children and the elderly. These women usually work until 3 or 4 P.M. and they often need additional income; they are smart, but do not have neither the time nor the resources or knowledge about how to use their afternoons much more effectively in order to improve their incomes. Therefore, I propose a project to supply such women with specially designed eco-energy greenhouse modules. This will allow many women in rural areas to improve their financial positions and ensure sustainability of the settlement in general. The reason is that women will not consider migrating to other countries for income, but rather consider their agro-business options in the greenhouses. Thus many families will be saved from breakdown, and more new ones formed, in rural areas of my country. My husband is a scholar and practitioner in sustainable development and my brother is a programmer and a fan of distant-operated aircraft models. Together with my husband, we have developed a concept of a geodesic dome with built-in implementations supplying alternative energy, including a horizontal wind generator on top of the dome. As a soil geographer, I have developed a system of planting and caring for plants in such module, and designed a business project for making the dome profitable as a greenhouse. My father is ready to build a dome, and my brother and his friend are ready to mount all the details of the module, including wireless devices, and make them working. My family owns a farm in Central-Western Ukraine so we can set the first greenhouse module there, which will earn a profit allowing us to replicate this greenhouse and transfer the replicated module to another family, where women can enjoy significant advantages from using it. We can continue this practice for several years. This project has been presented at the seminar on Eco-innovation in Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2013, and won the first diploma as the best prospective startup.

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The project introduces eco-energy greenhouses based on geodomes with built-in wind turbine and solar panels, independent heating and smart watering systems, to be replicated and cooperatively shared to part-time employed women in rural areas, increasing their land productivity and profitability.