Margarita Peteinaki


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Name: Margarita Peteinaki
Organization: Psy-Dιktyo
Title: Founder
Psy-Diktyo was born out of my and my colleagues' need to respond to the dramatic effects of the financial crisis on people's mental health. Firmly believing that external difficulties can be better managed when we are internally empowered, we perceive psychotherapy to be a way of re-discovering our motivation to respond creatively to the demads of an ever changing and harsh reality. Therefore, at the heart of Psy-Diktyo is the vision we, 6 friends and colleagues, have to make counselling and psychotherapy accessible to disadvantaged people all over Greece, without the low cost of our services impacting on the quality of therapy itself. In 2012 we dreamt of a network of highly qualified and experienced mental health professionals of various specialisations located at several areas around Attiki who would be sensitive enough to offer few hours of their weekly clinic to those in need of counselling . As a result of our enthusiasm and hard work, in 2013 Psy-Diktyo was born and our dream was realised. Since February 2013 we have expanded our network of associates and Psy-Diktyo currently consists of 27 mental health associates who offer low cost counselling to adults, adolescents, children, couples and families. We are constantly interviewing and recruiting new associates in Attiki so that Psy-Diktyo can offer its services to more clients and we are in the process of expanding our network to Crete.

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Psy-Diktyo is a growing network of highly qualified & experienced psychologists in private practice, who are located all around Attiki and offer low cost counselling and psychotherapy to financially disadvantaged adults, children and adolescents, couples and families at their nearest location.