Maria Victoria Alonsoperez


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Name: Maria Victoria Alonsoperez
Organization: IEETECH
Title: Co-Founder, CEO
I am an Electronic and Telecommunications Engineer. I co-founded IEETECH, a social enterprise whose main product is Chipsafer, a platform that can track and early detect anomalies in cattle health remotely. In 2012 I was the winner of the International Telecommunications Union Young Innovators Competition and in 2013 I won the Best Young Inventor Award from the World Intellectual Property Organization. In terms of interests, my biggest passion has always been space. In 2009, I was awarded the IAF Youth Grant, which introduced me to Space Generation Advisory Council, a global non-governmetal organization in support of the United Nations Programme on Space Applications. I immediately became an active member and currently serve as co-Chair. In 2011 I attended International Space University and then served as the Space Studies Program 2012 Space Engineering Teaching Associate. I am currently managing editor of a book on small satellite programs that is part of the US Air Force Academy’s Space Technology Series. In 2013 I attended Singularity University and after I co-founded my second start-up, CloudStat, which uses UAVs for precision agriculture.

Challenge Entries

At IEETECH we developed Chipsafer, a platform that can track and early detect anomalies in cattle physiological parameters in an autonomous and remote way. Chipsafer allows the farmer to know at all times where his animals are and get statistics about their performance to help improve the production