Mark Aldiss


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Name: Mark Aldiss
Organization: projectbrainsaver
Title: coordinator
Over 8 years ago - I worked out a method of using technology to do everything listed below and on all pages connected with projectbrainsaver. Over 8 years later Hewlett Packard buys Autonomy for over 10 Billion dollars. Autonomy have always maintained that everything I have suggested their kit could be used for - could be built easily with their kit the way I described. North Norfolk, UK and Harlech round to Ganllwyd and back again around the circuit in Gwynedd, Wales UK At the age of 14 I realised money was invented. At the age of ... I realised that meant it could be whatever it needed to be. Then I got angry. and ill. Over 20 years ago I had to decide whether to follow a path towards money or away from it and to help without first thinking about what to charge. Not only to help without caring about money but help happily - I destroyed my marriage and nearly lost my children. I made myself very ill, having multiple major grand mal epileptic fits over a period of years all the while suffering from deep depression (and possibly bipolar disease or something similar) I then had a heart attack at my most depressed moment just before Christmas in 2006. I was put on added beta blockers and in June/July of the following year I started waking up feeling happy again, like I had as a child. The World will put this kit in place someday because too many people really need it - especially in this modern World - so I am going to carry on gently pushing till that happens (-:

Challenge Entries

Putting in place and running a trial of a particular set of, mostly, voice driven 'Meaning Based Computing' Human Rights cored technology that better facilitates the bridging of the 'Gender Divide in Technology' - in order to prove the 'tools' used so they (the tools) can then be used to aid further bridging of any and all negative divides. This is a World wide set of plugins round a power core