Mark Arnoldy


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Name: Mark Arnoldy
Organization: Nyaya Health
Title: Executive Director
Mark Arnoldy is the Executive Director of Nyaya Health. Prior to his work at Nyaya, Mark was deeply involved in the treatment of acute malnutrition via ready to use therapeutic food in Nepal as part of the public, private, and nonprofit sectors. He founded NepalNUTrition in partnership with Himalayan HealthCare to treat children, advance local production of RUTF, influence national policy, and create new funding streams. This work led him to be involved in the founding of two blended value businesses in the United States -- Nut-rients and 5 Pound Apparel, both of which fund nutrition programs in Nepal. After graduating from the Harvard School of Public Health's Global Health Effectiveness Program, Mark worked on nutrition policy in Nepal as a Fulbright Scholar before returning to Boston to open Nyaya Health's first U.S. office in July 2011.

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Jan 16, 2012 / 5 Comments / in Health care, Transparency

Nyaya Health is leveraging innovative tools of transparency and open data to create and disseminate a new standard
for health care delivery in rural Nepal.

Nyaya Health wants to provide high-quality health care to some of the poorest patients in Nepal and also to redefine the standard by which healthcare NGOs operate in order to build strong, open and efficient public sector health services that are responsive to the demands of local communities.