Mark Fielding


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Name: Mark Fielding
Organization: Ecotect Limited
Title: Eco Home designer

Challenge Entries

The frame materials are just Bamboo and string/rope which can also be made from any fibrous local plant material. This idea was the brain child of the geodesic master himself: R Buckminster Fuller and was published in ‘Domebook 2’ by Pacific Domes a non profit educational corporation in 1971. My idea is to show how this great use of free renewable, biodegradable materials can be extended upon to make zero material cost, zero carbon footprint housing for anyone needing quick and easy adequate shelter.

Affordability and sustainability are paramount! Using locally grown and manufactured engineered plywood roof, wall and floor panels, factory finished for assembly on any site, provides a mass produced low cost solution that uses less fossil fuel with less pollution and boosts the local economy. Modular plan options provide for easy additions when budgets and families grow. Suspended concrete floor slab provide superior comfort via passive solar design. The whole prefab kit will fit in/on a truck or shipping container for fast delivery and assembly on site.