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Heuch Refrigeration

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Name: Marty Oakley
Organization: Heuch Refrigeration
Title: Business Development Manager
Heuch Refrigeration is an Australian engineering company that has developed a world first in our packaged Solar Powered Refrigeration Containers, suitable for remote area, emergency services and disaster relief applications. Heuch began work on harmonising solar and refrigeration technologies in 2006 with a trial project to power refrigerated rail freight, transporting chocolate across the Nullarbor desert from Adelaide to Perth, Australia, running solely on solar power. The trials were a technical success, proving the concept and generating 6 months’ worth of valuable data. Unfortunately, the cost of solar technologies at the time meant the project was not commercially viable and the program was discontinued. Since then solar technologies have continued to fall in price and increase in efficiency. In 2014 Heuch began R & D trials on the next generation of solar powered refrigeration equipment. Heuch is now proud to offer its Mark IIII Solar Unit, the world's first packaged, commercial scale, solar powered refrigeration units. A direct replacement for diesel powered refrigeration equipment, Heuchs solar units are designed to operate in the harshest and most remote environments. They are suitable for areas without a reliable grid connection, emergency services, disaster relief and defence applications. They are designed to be transportable worldwide and can be deployed and operating, at no cost, in minutes. There are no fuel costs or fuel quality and logistical problems that accompany current diesel solutions. The mobile units are supplied as turnkey packages in 20' and 40' ISO high cube shipping containers and are fully customisable internally. +4°C and -18°C variants are available and provide 24 hour cooling in any environment. Potential applications range from food and medical storage, server rooms, research labs and morgues. Removing cooling equipment allows for offices and first aid centres, powered workshops or a uninterruptible power supply.

Challenge Entries

In many areas around the world, community social and economic development is restricted due to lack of refrigeration infrastructure.
Heuch Refrigeration has developed a suite of commercial scale Refrigeration solutions that are specifically designed to address this problem.