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Mary Lusambo

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Name: Mary Lusambo
Title: Founder/Director for Maria Mother of Charity Relief Home Int'l
I am a Changemaker born in October in Samfya on the Watersheds between the great Bangweulu Lake and Luapula River. I am the first born in the line of 14 children, 6 of whom died young. My parents struggled to raise us up, especially educating us. Thank God that we all completed schools and went to colleges and Universities through a very hard way. We did everything demeaning but morally acceptable in our society(we begged, we did work for food, we collected and sold wild fruits,I personally served for my family meals etc..) In 2003, I birthed and registered my Organization. My Vision is to uplift lives of children and youths out there who are experiencing what my siblings and I experienced despite being intelligent. Also to uplift the lives of women out there who could be experiencing what my mother and father experienced. I need to work hard and serve, save many lives out there whose hopes have been shuttered because of poverty. I WANT TO BE A KEY FOR MANY CLOSED DOORS!

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Eradicate Poverty by Offering Free Education and Training Skills to the Vulnerable youths and Adults.