Mathias Yashim


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Name: Mathias Yashim
Organization: Hope Builders International
Title: Project Manager
Unemployment leading to poverty in the mist of abundant resources in Africa. Poverty is unnecessary; it is unacceptable. We will end it in our generation. We are training young people for job creation. We emphasize internalize leadership, self discovery and life planning.

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Mar 09, 2016 / 0 Comments / in Economic development

The Nigerian education system does not provide practical entrepreneurial training to students. As a result, young graduates lack the creative, quick-thinking and problem-solving skills that employers need and youth unemployment is on the rise. Mathias is providing young people with these skills and opportunities for practical leadership experiences in order to create a generation of new entrepreneurs who generate jobs for themselves and others instead of endlessly searching for employment.

Mathias is creating a new generation of creative young problem-solvers and entrepreneurs in order to combat high youth unemployment and youth idleness in Nigeria by partnering with universities and community resources who act as source of expertise, experience, and feedback.