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Matt Kepple

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Name: Matt Kepple
Organization: Makerble
Title: Founder
I create ideas that mobilise people to do their bit in changing the world. Launching - a web and mobile platform which visualises and 'gamifies' a charity's impact statistics so donors feel ownership of the impact their individual donations have made. Created Sponsor a Kid for a Quid, a behaviour change initiative to mobilise university students to start a regular giving habit of collectively sponsoring a child. Partner: World Vision. Co-founded the youth funding network to mobilise people into their twenties to crowdfund projects by little-known charities in London. Created Pawprint, an app which calculates a person's impact on the lives of animals based on the food they eat, clothes they wear and places they travel to; in a similar manner to the carbon footprint for your impact on the environment. Partner: World Society for the Protection of Animals - International. Additional professional experience: Varied background spanning advertising, digital, direct marketing, experiential marketing, social entrepreneurship, public speaking, event management. Specialties: social change strategy: - marketing strategy - trends & insights

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Apr 18, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Communications, Economic development, Philanthropy

Makerble helps you make the change you want to see in the world. Makerble lets you find, fund and follow projects addressing causes you care about each month. Makerble converts project results and images into a newsfeed so you get your own sharable record of the difference you’ve made.