Matthew Brewer


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Name: Matthew Brewer
Organization: Ceiba Forestry, LLC
Title: Principal/ VP of Operations
Founder and principal at Ceiba Forestry LLC and Ceiba Energy Agriculture SA -- companies dedicated to forestry, energy agriculture, bioenergy and waste to energy opportunities in Latin America. At Ceiba, Mr. Brewer evaluates and integrates bioenergy species, fast-growth timbers, bamboos and native hardwoods to develop innovative bioenergy agroforestry systems. Brewer has several years’ experience designing, implementing and managing forestry, bioenergy and forest carbon projects in Latin America, and is currently involved in numerous endeavors in the U.S., Colombia, Brazil, and Panama. Mr. Brewer has five years working as an independent forestry/carbon consultant, professional forester and reforestation specialist. Matthew is currently based between the US, Panama and Colombia - with project experience in Colombia, Panama, Brazil, Nicaragua, Belize, Costa Rica, US and Bolivia. Previous work includes the design and implementation of forestry investment packages, landscape restoration activities and participation in several large REDD+ and A/R projects. Project development and implementation, feasibility assessments, land procurement, project management and forensic financial review for due diligence needs related to forestry, carbon and bioenergy projects. Mr. Brewer also has five years experience as a wilderness crew leader and natural resource manager with the US Forest Service, overseeing large field projects in remote locales. Mr. Brewer speaks English (native), Spanish (fluent) and Portuguese (proficient). Mr. Brewer has a Master of Forestry from Yale University in Forestry & Environmental Studies, and a B.A. in Geology and Geography from the University of Miami (Florida). Sample Publication: Brewer, M.D. (2011). Strategies for cost-effective native species restoration in the sub-tropical Atlantic Forest of Southern Brazil. In: Restoring degraded landscapes with native species in Latin America. (Eds.) F. Montagnini and C. Finney, Nova Science Publishers, New York.

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Ceiba Forestry and Energy Agriculture creates value at the intersections of bioenergy and agroforestry in Latin America. Through the use of clean technologies and innovative land management strategies, our project development team converts biomass and oil crops into clean, sustainable energy and fuels.