Organization: STOP POVERTY
Title: President

Challenge Entries

Online payment portal, enabling small entrepreneur convert online clients/customers through fast efficient payment with GSM number via SMS

Jun 26, 2012 / 1 Comments / in Information & communication technology

Training start-up Entrepreneurs on how to leverage current technology solution to grow their business a pivot for succeeding in the present cloud.

Jun 22, 2012 / 0 Comments / in Information & communication technology

Small Entrepreneurs Bootcamp is geared towards addressing the gap of ICT skills among Nigerian upcoming entrepreneurs to empowered them with current IT technology infrastructure enabling them to survive in the cloud.

World bodies and local third world organizations should be encouraged to throw super incentives at the door step of private multinationals in Bigger countries to invest in housing in Third World Countries.
This Community concept drive will open up profit areas that will attract them thus alleviating housing problems for specific location. This program will develop a database for them to access on likely areas to invest and break even.

Consulting the aged around in a new open communication system that GSM phone providers had created.SMS and two way communication open television programs (question and answer interactive using GSM FACILITIES)that will be moderated publicly.
Resolving land issues can be tricky so this open ballot will trash the issue in public before a popular decision is made by the public for the public.

Incentive farm machines/Small scale SMEs machine/Equipment loans,Farm equipments will attract young men to farm/reduce migration to urban centers this tools are easier to use on smaller plots of land thus attractable to small farmers to reduce stress farming.Machine/Equipment loans will fund small SMEs who can't access big SME loans.