Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan

Saeed Khan Falahi

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Name: Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan
Organization: Haiya Alal Falah Movement, Haiya Alal Falah Educational Welfare Society
Title: Founder
My name is Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan. Popularly I am known as Saeed Khan Falahi. I am an advocate of global peace, interfaith harmony & human rights. I was born on 4th of August,1969 at Shahjahanpur, Uttar-Pradesh, India. Since my student time over 22 years ago, I am voluntarily working for peace and human rights in my country and around the world. My main issues are global peace, communal harmony, equal rights for women and men, child rights, the right to life (campaigning against the death penalty), etc. I am also campaigning for inter-religious understanding and harmony which I consider to have a huge impact to achieve world peace.I am working to end religious intolerance, illiteracy, poverty, malnutrition, child labor, child marriage, femicide, dowry murder, and so on, which all are found in many countries of the world, and also in India. For that purpose, I started a reformist movement, the Haiya Alal Falah movement in December 1992 and founded the Haiya Alal Falah Educational Welfare Society in the year 2006. Besides this I am running several websites to create awareness about all these matters. I am organizing local events for interfaith harmony and peace as well as for urgent actions by Amnesty International and for other social issues. Whenever needed, I support people to get their rights in legal disputes and official matters. Also I work hard by founding and convincing parents that the children must be free from child labor & child marriage and instead to be sent to school. I am a winner of King Abdullah || World Interfaith Harmony Week Awrd, 2014 Second Prize. My act of peace "Interreligious Harmony in Action" has been nominated for PeaceJam's One Billion Acts of Peace Hero Award this year.