Natalia Beneitez


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Name: Natalia Beneitez
Organization: Abrete
Title: Youth leader
My name is Natalia Beneitez I am 17 years old. I have twin sisters and live with my father. I realized that inequality in Guatemala is the cause of a lot of barriers and understanding in Guatemalan Society. As a youth leader and a straight A students, me and my friends from school decided to create change amongst our friends and school. Hopefully we will be able to reach youth like us to become more aware of what happens in Guatemala, influencing people of our country to be the change we all want to see and live in safer place, with less discrimination and more equality.

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Young people activating social awareness and empathy among young people, making efforts together to change Guatemala!

¡Jóvenes activando conciencia social y empatía en otros jóvenes, uniendo fuerzas para hacer un cambio en GUATEMALA!