Natalie Relich


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Name: Natalie Relich
Organization: OHorizons
Title: Executive Director
I am the Executive Director of OHorizons. OHorizons is a non-profit coalition of technical, social, and commercial innovators. Our mission is to design, implement, and scale Low-Tech, High-Thinking solutions to benefit the daily lives of people in the world’s most remote and underserved communities. The solutions we develop are affordable, utilize local tools and materials to ensure long-term sustainability, and are open-source and DIY so anyone can implement them regardless of education or expertise. Our current initiative is focused on bringing clean water to communities that need it most. We have developed a Wood Mold for the construction of concrete BioSand Filters (BSFs) that facilitates cheaper, easier, and faster delivery of clean water. BioSand Filters are an inexpensive, point-of-use, water filter system that uses gravity, sand, and natural biological processes to remove pathogens from water. If properly cared for, a concrete BSF can last for more than 25 years and requires very minimal maintenance and cleaning, making it an extremely durable, sustainable, and effective means of water filtration for rural communities.

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OHorizons designs, implements and scales low-tech solutions to benefit underserved communities. Our solutions are affordable, open-source and locally-sourced. We’re currently scaling our Wood Mold for BioSand Filters: a cheaper, easier and faster way to bring clean water to those who need it most.