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Leroy Merlin (Groupe ADEO)
Category manager & social business intrapreneur

Social business, corporate changemaker, liberated companies, dreamer and doer, blogger, open innovation, intrapreneur, how to be an actor in a changing world...

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leroymerlin.communities is a space of co-creation open to all Leroy Merlin employees to innovate and participate in finding solutions to build a more dignified living environment for everyone. The skills and passion of the staff can help find solutions for insecure living conditions in a "no loss/no gain" model for sustainable development on a large scale. It is also a "joy creation space" in the company that makes sense.

Combinando a força e paixão da Leroy Merlin com sua rede próxima (clientes e fornecedones) e parceiros sociais para criar novas soluções para as necessidades de pessoas na base da pirâmide (BoP), cidadãos não-clientes em situação de moradia precária.

Asociando la fuerza y pasión de Leroy Merlin con su red cercana (de clientes, proveedores) y sus socios, con el objetivo de crear nuevas soluciones que atiendan las necesidades de las personas en la base de la pirámide, que están en situación de vivienda precaria.

Combining Leroy Merlin strength and passion together with its close network (customers, suppliers) and social partners in order to create new solutions that meet the needs of people at the base of the pyramid (BoP), who are non-client citizens in a situation of precarious housing.

Combiner la force et la passion de Leroy Merlin et de son réseau proche (clients, fournisseurs) et de partenaires sociaux pour inventer des solutions inédites pour répondre aux besoins des habitants à la base de la pyramide (BoP), c’est-à-dire les habitants non-clients en situation précarité au niveau de leur logement