Nikhil Kuruganti


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Name: Nikhil Kuruganti
Organization: Perigreen Safe Foods
Title: CIO
Ever since my Childhood, i was passionate about plants, animals, insects and the intricate relationship between the millions of lifeforms. I had a free-hand in exploring the nature as I have not been exposed to formal education till my graduation. While working as a consultant, I was exposed to the problems faced by the farmers and the was ecosystem is being trampled by human greed. I was planning to quit my consulting profession and do something in this regard. It was during this time of utter despair that I have come across Perigreen Mohan, my green mentor and co-founder of the company. He helped me in understanding the root cause of problems of farmers and provided me with approach to solve them. I have taken a tour of 14 months to understand the ground reality and then started off the venture.

Challenge Entries

Rural Reach is a program by Perigreen Safe Foods to reach to the rural producers of India. We are providing farm advice, inputs and sometimes monetary support along with a buy-back facility at better price. The only requirement for this is that the farmer has to adapt better farming methods.