Nikita Verma


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Name: Nikita Verma
Organization: billionBRICKS
Title: Innovation Architect
Through my journey of becoming an architect, I realized that as a professional I am needed more by the people who cannot access the urban facilities in spite of being in the city and are deprived of their basic right to shelter. Urban growth is not equal to development. I am a recent graduate and fell the pull to join a non-commercial establishment as my first job. Billion Bricks gave me this opportunity and now I am taking forward their project 'Chakra- providing rural empowerment to urban homeless' through my position as an innovation Architect. Prior to this, I have been an enthusiastic leader and pioneer back in school and college. I hope to play a successful role in bringing about the required change to create a non urban centric homogeneous society.

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Chakra is a program to reverse the trend in urban migration by moving the vulnerable urban homeless to rural areas and empowering them with education,skills and quality of life improvements. It is founded on the principles of symbiotic sustainability integrating existing infrastructure at all levels