A. Nikki Wright

AMAR Haiti

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Name: A. Nikki Wright
Organization: AMAR Haiti
Nikki is a veterinary student at University of Pennsylvania (VMD 2014), where she is studying food animal medicine and public health. Originally from Houston, New Orleans, and Miami, she received her Bachelor of Arts in Biological Science from Wellesley College in Massachusetts in 2008. She hopes to pursue a career in large animal medicine that involves public practice, international development and public health. During the fall of 2011, Nikki visited Haiti with a World Vets team in an effort to provide veterinary care and consulting to the communities working with the iF Foundation. Struck by the devastation in Haiti, the tangible potential for benefits from animal agriculture, and the genuine desire to learn by the people in the community of Thibeau, Nikki returned home and began envisioning ways to return to Haiti and implement sustainable production practices.

Challenge Entries

We are two Veterinary Medical Students studying Food Animal Production Medicine with an interest in Public Health and Food Security at the University of Pennsylvania. We are currently working with our partners, the iF Foundation, in the community of Thibeau in Nord, a rural part of northern Haiti without access to running water or electricity, with the goal of establishing a Goat Cooperative Breeding Program with an education curriculum, and a goat microlending program.