Norkplim Ahiatrogah


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Name: Norkplim Ahiatrogah
Organization: Africa Innovation Academy
I love to see myself as a man on a mission. I struggled with studies in my university education because i am someone who doesn't just accept things as am told. I will often ask questions and try alternatives. All these experiences in school and life in society have helped shape my perspectives and approach to life. I believe every individual is gifted with specific talents that should be nurtured and used for the unique assignments that only that individual can execute best. Unfortunately, our educational system traps us in dogma that only appreciates a particular line of genius. My mission is to help young Africans discover their purpose, build capacity and go on to accomplish fully their assigned purpose.

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In wake of increasing levels of graduate unemployment, Africa Innovation Academy offers an innovative solution of a hands on, cost effective and practicable online Entrepreneurship training system that guarantees that every student that enrolls, graduate a Business owners rather than a job seekers.