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Name: Nuno Santos
Organization: Association of Scholls Jesus, Mary and Joseph
Nuno was invited to help the Association of Schools Jesus, Mary and Joseph (founded in 1876) that was in severe financial distress. During 4 years - more than 15 hours per day - he was devoted to overcome these difficulties, allowing the institution to regain financial stability and generate new value projects, an necessary and fundamental transformation to the institution and the community where the association belongs. After overcoming the difficulties by performing an exhaustive study on the Portuguese social reality, the nominee identified two big social problems: the obvious lack of social responses dedicated to the elderly, as the aging population is increasingly clear – and so he proposed the implementation of a Day Centre , Home Care Services and Social Canteen – and the almost total absence of social responses to unemployment – and imbued with a true social spirit, he proposed a new social support: Social Incubator and Learning Center for the young people, called in-Form. - He help to turn an association in serious trouble in an exemplary institution, merit, and highly sustainable. - He left his business to devote full time to social causes as an social entrepreneur. - The nominee gave all his financial and material resources to the service of social projects. - Despite the association being an NGOs it never had financial support from the state, so nominee defined a business plan that allows for the sustainability of the institution and its projects and promoted various applications and solidarity campaigns that have brought together the capital necessary for adaptation works and installing the new areas of the institution and also her sustainability. - Created a volunteer program that allows young entrepreneurs to reduce their monthly payment up to 50% (1% for every hour monthly volunteer other facilities provided in the Association...) maximizing the Volunteer sustainable and the inter-generational relationship (Young and Elderly), sharing experiences, knowledge exchange and active aging. - Created a program to provide full access for young entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas on those NGO’s, creating jobs and also sustainability for NGO’s, completely transforming the social sector in Portugal. - Promoted various solidarity campaigns to support various social sector institutions: a) Because help is good! - donation in partners; b) Pickup solidarity - collection and distribution of used goods; c) Line solidarity - donation by phone; d) Solidarity SMS - SMS donation ... support allowed to many NGOs and social projects. - Brought together more than 70 partners organizations that provide support and help its replication to other NGOs. The Social Incubator want to stand out as a response to the critical youth unemployment in Portugal (>35%). So it will host unemployed youth, equipping them with knowledge and skills to enable the development of micro and small traditional business, providing technical and physical infrastructures (in the incubator, the network of NGOs and commercial spaces throughout the city), at low-cost prices, enabling the development of their activities, add and expand on knowledge, innovate technologically, in order to transform ideas into products and services with quality and competitiveness. Hopes to become an answer capable of fighting the scourge that is unemployment, allowing its effective reduction and therefore a very important tool in local development. - Reduce the rate of unemployment (especially youth) - Support the development of new ideas/business - Increasing the employability - Promoting local development - Encourage youth volunteering - Foster the sustainability of NGOs It was the persistence and hard work of Nuno in volunteering service (over 20,000 hours) and his deep dedication that open a new door to the community and lead it on a new way for the neediest. In summary the nominee presented and developed a series of ideas and projects without which the Association and also the Community where it seems to a no way out. All this work on a voluntary basis without any compensation for it. These ideas transformed the social sector in Portugal, creating a pilot project so that it can be easily replicate it through the network of NGOs means to fight effectively these social problems. What he really won, was the sense of civic duty fulfilled and the joy of having changed the lives of many people in developing a solution to the scourge of society and therefore contributing to a better world. In 2013 became a volunteer of the year by the European Commission.

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The Social Incubator InForma wants to stand out as a response to the increasing and critical unemployment lived in Portugal, specially youth unemployment, which according to official data already exceeds 40%.

More than an incubator of ideas and businesses, the Social Incubator In-forma wants to stand out as a response to the increasing and critical unemployment lived in the country (and at the world), with special attention to youth unemployment, which according to official data, already exceeds 40%.

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