Oana Toiu


Name: Oana Toiu
Organization: KCMC - Romano ButiQ
Title: Executive Director
Oana is a 27 year old social entrepreneur, having worked in both the NGOs and private field before. A former president of AIESEC in Bucharest and a current Aspen Young Fellow Oana's biography is mostly made out of 8 years of fighting to solve problems that piss her off, and what pisses her the most is the lack of self-trust in people and especially vulnerable communities that others' stereotypes have created.

Challenge Entries

The Romano ButiQ" Association was created on April 18, 2011 in order to promote non-discrimination by developing cultural and educational activities. The association was founded in the need to present in a realistic way the Roma minority and to create the space for people to discover experimentally the value they bring to society, beyond the negative stereotype or the victim paradigm.