Obwangamoi David Opio


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Name: Obwangamoi David Opio
Organization: Ensibuuko
Title: Ensibuuko
Growing up in the peasant family nurtured my passion for agriculture and deepened my understanding of the challenges farmers face. A common question I would ask my self was; How could agriculture, a sector that employs 80% of Uganda's population and feeds every household, be so sidelined in the national planning process? In 2012, I started engaging with farmers from other neighboring regions to see whether we share similar challenges. I realized that across all regions, farmers face a challenge of accessing sustainable food market and finance to boast food production. The food market is controlled by the middle men who alter the food prices with intention of exploiting the rural farmer. Yet, formal lending institutions - considered a source of finance - are urban and charge a high interest. This compelled me to found Ensibuuko as an ultimate solution to small holder rural farmers. While at Makerere University pursuing a Bachelors' of Arts in Economics, I founded a student academic associations which challenged/ and still challenging the minds of young academicians to think "out side the box" - to use the knowledge they acquire from their respective courses to develop innovative ideas and projects which solve community problems. For my great desire to end poverty among people, I founded Ensibuuko - a mobile and web app integrates automated SMS and mobile money services (with features compatible to feature and smartphones) to enables Saving and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs) of the small holder rural farmers to mobile savings and disburse loans in a simple, convenient and secure means on their mobile phones and other community projects that enable all around community involvement and participation in sustainable - economic development and joint community problem solving. My passion for positive change and youth empowerment gave me a deeper insight into the dynamics of Development in Africa. It also did give birth to my vision of a better world. So, my life's mission is to pursuing a better world for all people

Challenge Entries

We seek to leverage the successes of mobile money in Africa to improve health financing by developing a revolutionary digital solution for micro-insurance. 

Savings and Credit Cooperative Societies (SACCOs) are part of the solution for unbanked and underserved populations. Uganda alone has over 5000 registered SACCOS serving 58% of the population. Yet until now, SACCOS Yet until now, SACCOS have lacked the means to efficiently manage information.

For a rural small holder farmer, Ensibuuko transfers the power to access finance to her palms using familiar services; SMS and mobile money.