Olimpija Hristova


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Name: Olimpija Hristova
Organization: Refleksija (Reflection)- Strumica
Website: http://www.refleksija.host.org/eng/index.html
Title: Founder, management and application to projects
I am a MA student in Political Science at the Central European University in Budapest. I have BA in Political Studies from the Faculty of Law “Justinianus Primus”- Skopje, and a year of exchange at the University of Washington- Seattle, studying International Relations. My main research interest is in Comparative Politics; particularly comparing democratic institutional design and decentralization in divided societies. Furthermore, I am developing greater interests in studying Quality of Democracies, Quality of Governance and innovative research techniques for methodological approaches in this field, namely combining quantitative and qualitative research, Qualitative Comparative Approach and Fuzzy Sets analysis approach in social sciences. I have also been actively involved in the civil society realm, currently intern at the Balkan Institute for Faith and Culture in Skopje, and also youth activism. I have great interest in youth education, creative learning, encouragement of more vulnerable groups to have proper chance of learning and developing character. Through the NGO sector I have worked with kids fro orphanages in the capital of Macedonia, Skopje.

Challenge Entries

We are a grass-root NGO using each chance to help the people in our community with ideas to make it happen in an environment where it is not the practice.