Patricia Duff


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Name: Patricia Duff
Organization: ArchaeoLink
Title: Ms
Patricia has been involved in either tourism or education throughout her career. it was while teaching English in Bahrain that she befriended and worked with archaeologists excavating sites from The Dilmun Civilisation. Knowledge gained, led her to start the first inbound tour operation Bahrain Explored informing people of the traditional Arabic culture surrounding them and of Bahrain's 5000 years of history. Moving to the Caribbean, she became involved in social issues helping young people at risk, resumed teaching and also administrated a small school. Later she successfully lobbied for prisoner education and changes in both labour and immigration laws. In France, she taught computer skills to both children and adults. Seeking to broaden her horizons, she read Archaeology at Cambridge and graduated in 2012.

Challenge Entries

ArchaeoLink is uniquely positioned to offer services not only as a social entrepreneur but also as an enable of social entrepreneurship.

This will be achieved :
by building connections between archaeological teams and their host communities: fostering local involvement in archaeology, emphasising connections between indigenous peoples and their past;
by developing resources inherent in the archaeological site and its surrounds to provide the basis for ongoing benefits to the community through education and enterprise.