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Name: Patrick Hamya
Organization: Green energy Products
Title: Entreprenuer
The world needs to save the school dropouts in Uganda. They are just forgotten, lost and nobody cares about this. Lets begin to care the future of the world is in their hands. They are always future parents, politicians, business people and to the worse rebels, thugs etc.

Challenge Entries

I have created a database for all pupils studying in primary schools, This will need to be published, improved to ensure it caters for all pupils in the world. Information must be collected, Other volunteers from different parts of the world must be given permission to enter data from their respective countries. I need developers to help me improve this database, i need financiers to help me collect data in my country Uganda.

This is School management information system that will be used to monitor and support the primary school drop outs in Uganda.

All rice growers should be able to produce gas from rice husks for cooking.
They should use the carbonized rice husks for making briquettes.
The farmers should be able to calculate how much carbon emission they are reducing by substituting firewood with the Gas for cooking and then earn income from carbon offset credit.
We are to make gas stoves for rice husks, train and distribute them to rice farmers at a cost.
The farmers from doho rice scheme in butaleja district are to be mobilzed.
the design for the stoves has been achieved from Engr. Alexis Belonio

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Training people in Teso region in how to make soap and body creams using local materials and tools.
helping them to form groups to begin producing certifying their products and marketing them under oone brand name through cooperative movement. Helping them discover how they can obtain the materials locally from the crops they grow in the area.