Paul Hodgkin

Paul Hodgkin

Name: Paul Hodgkin
Organization: Patient Opinion
Title: Chief Executive and Family Physcian

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Patients often know how their health services could be improved. Since 2005 Patient Opinion has used the web to direct their insights and stories to just the right people in hospitals (and government) across the UK who can reply publicly showing what they have learnt or changed as a result (
Patient Opinion has already helped establish sister organisations in Spain and Italy

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The classic mechanisms for users to improve services are ‘exit’ and ‘voice’. Many healthcare systems use exit and competition to drive up services. Voice by contrast has often been limited to complaints and surveys. Whilst useful these are neither fine-grained nor timely enough to drive quality at the micro-level.
Patient Opinion adapts Web 2.0 technologies in a new platform that enables Voice, that is the voices of thousands of patients, to be heard at the scale and speed of the web.