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Name: Pavlos Georgiadis
Organization: We Deliver Taste | Calypso
Title: Founder
International, interdisciplinary researcher with working experience in +10 countries. Worldwide traveller (+40 countries) and experienced researcher with academic writing skills. Award winning video-blogger, active in the international food movement, and serial startup entrepreneur in the sectors of sustainable agriculture, food and gastronomy. Exposed to the challenges of the global food system, he is taking an interest in diverse affairs including scientific, ecological, cultural, social, political and economic issues.

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Aug 01, 2014 / 0 Comments / in Biodiversity, Food, Income generation, Sustainable agriculture

A multifunctional farm which will offer resources and services conducive to sustainability through formal and informal education on organic agriculture, soil conservation, biodiversity and gastronomic research and development.

An innovative platform for crowdsourcing quality Mediterranean food, directly
connecting producers with consumers through an online peer-to-peer supply chain, making use of collaborative consumption in the sharing economy.