Phaerlymaviec Musadi

Phaerlymaviec Musadi

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Name: Phaerlymaviec Musadi
Organization: Parental Advisory
Title: Punk Influenced Education for Children at Urban Slums
Pharlymaviec Musadi (b. 1976), is owner and General Manager of Distribute Merchandising and Parental Advisory Baby Clothing, an independent street wear company in Bandung. He started his business with just US$ 22 in 2000. Today he produces official t-shirts for top Indonesian and Malaysian bands. He established the Adikaka youth foundation which runs "Neverland supervised playground" for children in urban slum areas and the “Never Grow Up” campaign to encourage people to play with children. In 2008 he was shortlisted as finalist for the British Council International Young Creative Enterpreneur of the year 2008, and was also granted the Danamon Awards, as social enterpreneur of the year 2008, micro business category, as a company that not only achived financial success but also helped social improvement among poor children in his community in Bandung.

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Voluntary Bad unite global screen printers to make t-shirt production local, learn new skills to deliver message through photorealistic design printing, and set a standard for ethical fashion.

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Parental Advisory Supervised Playground offers a space for slum kids to explore their passion and dream their future, under supervision and guidance of adults. Through various play facilities and activities, we introduce "play with purpose" namely to learn how to learn (i.e. you can learn from almost anything, anywhere) in order to pave their way out of the slum's harsh reality.